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  • Aaron Schultz

Travell "Black Magic" Mazion Knocks Out Mexico's Frenando Castaneda In The First Round

Travell Mazion knocks out Frenando Castaneda in the first round.
Photo credit: Tom Hogan

Saturday night was epic for Golden Boy's Travell Mazion and his team as he defeated Frenando Castaneda in the first round by way of knockout: Castaneda (31) of Mexico was down on the canvas within 58 seconds into the fight following Mazion's left hand power shot to the liver. Castaneda was seen trying to pull himself together while in excruciating pain, but couldn't quite seem to do so; making it a victory for Mazion; leaping his record to 17-0, 13 by way of knockout. Travell "Black Magic" Mazion remains undefeated and now holds the NABF Championship Title in the Super Welterweight Division.

Travell Mazion the new NABF Champion.
Photo credit: Tom Hogan

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